Boosting competitiveness of regional SMEs


“Boosting competitiveness of regional SMEs” is a two year EU funded Project commenced on December 14, 2016. 

Boosting competitiveness of regional SMEs 

“Boosting competitiveness of regional SMEs” is a two-year EU funded Project commenced on December 14, 2016. “Boosting competitiveness of regional SMEs” Project is an EU funded Project implemented by the consortium. The Fund “Small and Medium Development National Center of Armenia” is the coordinator.     

“Strategic Development Agency” NGO,

“Armavir Development Center” NGO,

“Spitak-Farmer” NGO,

“Syun” NGO.

Objectives of the Project
The overall objective of the Project is to boost competitiveness of regional SMEs and create sustainable employment opportunities in Lori, Syunik and Armavir regions/marzes of Armenia.

Target regions: Lori, Syunik and Armavir marzes of RA.

Focus areas: Food-processing and Tourism.
Focus Groups:  Start-ups and functioning SMEs.
Expected Project Results
  • Creation of  sustainable jobs at a local level, 
  • Increased competitiveness local enterprises, 
  • Establish new enterprises.
Main activities of the Project
Project consists of the range of consequent and complementary activities, with the main purpose of considerably improving the economic wellbeing of the target groups and final beneficiaries.
A roadside station (RSS) in Lori Region

A roadside station (RSS) is a multi-functional sale and rest facility on a highway, which will serve as a replicable model marketing infrastructure serving as a Local brand shop, Information/training center and Rest station facilitating development of local production and tourism in localities.

Building of entrepreneurial capacities of local active young people andwomen entrepreneurship aspects is one of the priorities of the Action.


Entrepreneurship promotion.
To support start-ups special toolkit “Successful Start” will be applied. Toolkit implies both entrepreneurship and “intrapreneurship” practices. Operating SMEs will receive targeted BDS services contributing to their competitiveness and job creation capacity. As a knowledge management tool web-based sector specific and thematic knowledge platforms will be established to make information and knowledge available also for vast number of SMEs besides direct beneficiaries of the Project.
Employment promotion
 To address the issues of the mismatch between the existing skills of job seekers and required qualification by companies in the labor market Project will organize series of sector specific and general business trainings for young unemployed adults seeking jobs based on the needs assessment of the companies.

In the frames of  the Project the Market Research has been conducted on Food Processing and Tourism sectors of Lori, Syunik and Armavir Regions of Armenia and Road –Side Station to be established in Lori region of Armenia.Market Research can be downloaded here.