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                   Enterprise Europe Network 



Welcome to Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), your business guide to innovation and competitiveness.     The EEN is a European initiative, aimed at providing innovation and business support to all businesses across the European Union and beyond. Launched officially in February 2008, the EEN comprises close to 600 partners in more than 60 countries offering a wide range of services to businesses ( The Fund “Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center of Armenia” is the Business Cooperation Center of EEN in Armenia.The activity of EEN in Armenia is directed to the internationalization of Armenian entrepreneurship and to enlargement of  their opportunities for entering into European markets, to development of their innovative capacities and technological advancement

Starting from 2016, the Fund “Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center of Armenia” has created a Consortium with the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Armenia, which hosts the Enterprise Europe Network in Armenia.
In order to promote the international cooperation, the Enterprise Europe Network periodically is organizing number of regional, national and European level events. The events will give an opportunity to meet the possible partners and receive the necessary information for entering into European market.  You can find information on main international events in our website (section-International events). 

If you want to get detailed information on EEN activities in Armenia, please visit official website of the project "Enterprise Europe Network Armenia":


In figures 

About 50 Armenian entrepreneurs are receiving answers to their requests (prices, suppliers, equipment, partners, standards, etc.), about 100 expressions of interests are being received for submitted Armenian business/technology offers and requests and about 100 Armenian entrepreneurs are expressing their interests on foreign profiles every year. Yearly about 30 Armenian companies are getting in contact with foreign companies and about 5 Armenian companies are signing Partnership Agreements.

In general, about 200 Armenian companies are getting support within the Enterprise Europe Network yearly.