Construction of Industrial Systems

Industry is the soul of business and the keystone of prosperity.

Charles Dickens

Construction of Industrial Systems

In the framework of this direction, efforts were put to identify the regions of Armenia, where the dried fruit, cheese, wine production and guest house business could develop and conditions are favourable.

For the dired fruit production the studies later focused mainly on Tavush Marz, where some 25 entrepreneurs expressed willingness to cooperate and were contacted.

During two technological trainings (in towns of Ijevan and Noyemberyan) the experts presented the technological process of dried fruit production for more than 11 sorts of fruits and vegetables. Business training with CEFE methodology was conducted after the technological trainings. As results of CEFE trainings, the participants elaborated 15 business plans.

The process of purchasing relevant drying rooms/equipment for the dried fruit producers is underway now. In the framework of the programme, engineers and experts helped to create a pilot sample of rack drying rooms.

Also activities for creating unified trademark and design were implemented. Also it is planned to find realisation markets in the future. 

For cheese production, gegharkunik Marz was selected to be studied as the conditions for this sector in the marz are more favourable than in other regions. 

As the target region for wine prodution, our experts selected Vayots Dzor marz and especially Areni Village. 

For the guest house business development Vayotsa Dzor, Tavush and Lori marzes were selected as target regions. Our experts held meetings with the Union of Guest Houses of Armenia identified the problems and highlighted the cooperation opportunities. 

A business model of micro franchising is planned to develop and publish as a handbook. It is also planned to provide technology development grants to the SMEs.