Our Vision

Entrepreneurial opportunities for all.

Our Mission
Inform, inspire, and empower Armenian SMEs to create self-sustaining businesses that contribute to both individual economic stability and the Armenian economy as a whole.
General information

SME Development National Center of Armenia - mandate

“Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center” Fund (SME Development National Center of Armenia) was established by Government of Armenia in 2002.  SME Development National Center is authorized to provide state support to small and medium entrepreneurship (SME) in the country. The support is provided through implementation of annual SME State Support Programs with resources allocated from State budget.

Since 2002 thousands of SMEs benefited from various support programs designed for start-up and operating companies.

SME Development National Center of Armenia’s activities are targeted at:

  • Ensuring a dialogue between SMEs and state 
  • Increasing efficiency and competitiveness of SMEs
  • Ensuring availability of business development services for SMEs 
  • Expanding the financial opportunities for SMEs
  • Promoting innovations and R&D activities of SMEs
  • Assistance for establishment of new SMEs
  • Supporting internationalization of SMEs’ activities

Technical and Financial Assistance Programs

Technical assistance Financial assistance
  • Information and consulting on all the aspects of doing business in Armenia
  • Promotion and branding of local products
  • Sales promotion
  • Export promotion
  • Start-up support
  • Supporting in realization of new technology/innovation
  • Provision of Loan guarantees
  • Equity financing
  • Start-up support
  • Partial subsidizing of credit interest rates

Enterprise Europe Network hosted by SME Development National Center of Armenia SME Development National Center of Armenia provides its services mainly through specialized private companies selected by tender procedures. Services provided to SMEs are co-financed by SME Development National Center.

Starting from 2008 SME Development National Center is hosting Enterprise Europe Network Correspondence Center in Armenia.

The Network offers support and advice to businesses across Europe. The Enterprise Europe Network is made up of close to 600 partner organizations in more than 40 countries, promoting competitiveness and innovation at the local level in Europe and beyond.

Based on “no wrong door” concept Enterprise Europe network serves as a “one-stop shop” for SMEs providing free of charge information and practical advice on market opportunities, European legislation and policies relevant to a company or sector. Enterprise Europe Network helps SMEs to find suitable business partners using its business and technology cooperation database, provides information on tender opportunities and international networking.

International Cooperation

SME Development National Center of Armenia actively cooperates with number of international and foreign organizations developing and implementing joint support programs. Joint programs are implemented with UNDP, UK DFID, JICA, and OSCE.

Financial Resources

More than 1.6 billion AMD has been allocated from state budget for the implementation of 2002-2008 state support programs and about 20 thousands start up and operating SMEs have received support. Budget allocations are increasing year by year. (in 2002 they have made 20 mln, in 2003 - 250 mln, in 2004 - 234 mln, in 2005 - 300 mln, in 2006 – 350mln, in 2007- 400 mln AMD, in 2008- 450 mln AMD, in 2009- 573.5 mln AMD, in 2010- 150 mln AMD, in 2012- 150 mln AMD, in 2013-150.793.500 AMD).